This submission form is intended for the reporting of suspected counterfeit banjos that may possibly infringe on our Kel Kroydon registered trademarks. For all other inquiries, please use our Contact Us form.

American Made Banjo Co advises all consumers to purchase new Kel Kroydon banjos only from our network of authorized dealers. If you are purchasing your new or used Kel Kroydon instrument from another source, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you verify its authenticity.

Protect yourself. There's nothing worse than buying a new or used instrument, then finding out the instruments not authentic.

Our Kel Kroydon Trademarks can be viewed using the online database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office at If you suspect you have seen a Kel Kroydon banjo that may be a counterfeit or infringes on our Trademarks, please contact us via the Counterfeit Submission Form provided below. We will be glad to help you determine whether it's an authentic Kel Kroydon banjo.

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