Our Cryogenically Treated Stainless Steel-Loop End Five String Banjo Strings are produced to the highest quality standards for stage, studio and recreational musicians.

The additional cryogenic step before packaging exposes the strings to extremely low temperatures, below -300 degrees F. This cryogenic process is used in many industrial applications to provide consistent metal hardness and to extend its life expectancy. Many banjoists are convinced that the Cryogenic Treatment Process enhances the tone and extends the life of the strings.

We offer several options for purchasing American Made Banjo cryogenically treated strings.

  • Standard Bluegrass and Tenor/Plectrum Sets are pre-packaged in a variety of standard sizes. There is a discount for 3 sets purchased in one order.

  • Build a Custom Set allows you to pick and choose the sizes and weights you want, and American Made Banjo will package them for you.

  • You can also purchase Single Strings

In all cases, the strings are treated with the same cryogenic process.

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