Dannick 20 Hole Flathead Tone Ring

21st century technology has allowed AMB to manufacture an accurate copy of the 1930's Mastertone style banjo tone ring. A precise metal formula, combined with the use of original foundry methods determined by metallurgists, has given this 20 hole ring the sound sought after by bluegrass banjo players worldwide. Standard skirt.

The Dannick Tone Ring should be installed and set-up by an American Made Banjo Company Certified Installer. Certified Installers are listed on the Dannick Tone Ring page.

Read additional information about the Dannick Tone Ring Family for details on the manufacturing process and its effect on banjo sound. Check out the Endorsements page for testimonials and sound files recorded using the Dannick Tone Ring.

NOTE: Gold Plating by Special Order. Call for Pricing and Availability.

NOTE: Unplated Available.

I have tried many tone rings. The Dannick did it for me. After playing a prewar banjo, I had to ...

Rated by Johnny Holston

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