The Dannick Tone Ring is plated using the same process used in the Prewar era. The original Prewar process did not use added chemicals commonly used in today's nickel plating process.

The Dannick Tone Ring is not mass produced and is available via limited quantities. Reserve your Dannick today and make your Prewar Conversion sound like it should. Or, put one in a new banjo and hear what a new banjo sounded like back then.

Take a Step Back in Time

The YouTube videos below show Charlie Cushman playing his Original Prewar Kel Kroydon Style 11 with a Dannick No Hole Tone Ring.

The Golden Rocket
Molly & Tenbrooks

A Dannick Tone Ring Story ...

American Made Banjo recently received this email from one of our tone ring installers named Bill Hayes in Maine:

"Hi Tom,

Thought you would appreciate this. Early this year Russell Sawler, a super Crowe style picker from Canada, contacted me and wanted me to build him a banjo. He asked my opinion and I told him "old Gibson wood and a Dannick no-hole ring". I had an 11 pot, but he said he had heard a youtube clip of Keith Roberts playing a converted 2 with a Huber HR-30 ring in it and that's kind of the direction he wanted to go. I had Huber fit an HR-30 on the 11 pot and gave it to Russell the beginning of summer with a walnut shop neck so he would have something for the festivals while I did a new neck for him out of mahogany. He came down on Tuesday afternoon for me to fit the new neck. Got it all done and gave it to him. It was like watching someone who just heard that his mother had died. The expression on his face was not good, and the banjo, though respectable, wasn't producing that magic tone. Anyway, I spent the next couple of hours putting a no-hole Dannick on the banjo, which is what I wanted to do in the first place. He was very skeptical that I could get the sound that he was looking for. Man was he ever wrong. He is now a very happy devotee, and has a first class sounding banjo. I might add that it looks nice also.

I am very happy to be one of your distributors. I know that I can deliver a consistent product with your ring and old Gibson wood. Can't be beat. Thanks ... Bill"

The Dannick 20 Hole Flathead Tone Ring

The Dannick Tone Ring is today's answer to the Modern Day Prewar Style Tone Ring of the 1930's, built using 21st century advanced technology. This metallurgical clone of an original Prewar Banjo Tone Ring was developed by matching, then combining, the exact metal formula and grain structure. These breakthrough processes produced a tone ring that sounds exactly like a banjo tone ring sounded in the 1930's.

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detail photos of the Dannick 20 Hole Flathead Tone Ring.

The Dannick No Hole Flathead Tone Ring
"The Private Stock"

As a Banjo player myself, I always wondered how the prewar banjo got that sound. I could never figure out why or how, 'til now.

This is no hype -- it's fact. If you want to hear it, call or write Charlie Cushman. It's as simple as that. Make an appointment to go see the banjo and hear it, or talk to Charlie over the phone. You won't be disappointed, maybe just amazed.

The Dannick No Hole Tone rings will be installed by a Certified AMB Co installer only.

Click any thumbnail below to begin a slide show of beautiful
detail photos of the Dannick No Hole Flathead Tone Ring.


The Dannick Tone Rings are machined as close as possible to most modern Gibson style flathead tone rings.

When available:

20 Hole Flathead Tone Ring
No Hole Flathead Tone Ring
Gold Plating
Special Order


We recommend that the Dannick Tone Ring be installed and set-up by an American Made Banjo Company Certified Installer, or the banjo may not reach its full sound potential.

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