American Made Banjo Company is excited to announce our own Vintage Style Banjo Hardware, manufactured to authentic prewar specifications and made in the USA.
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All elements of our authentic prewar style Vintage Style Banjo Hardware are only available on our New Generation Series Custom Banjos.

Vintage Style parts available with a Kel Kroydon New Generation Series Instrument are: Armrest with Hardware - Resonator Angles (4) with Screws - Brass Coordinator Rod Set with Nuts, Washers and Lag Bolts - Tailpiece Bracket - Wall Lugs (4) - Steel Hooks (24) and Brass Hook Nuts (24) - 11" E22 Brass Hoop - Thumb Screws (4) - Potmetal Flange - AMB Co. Tailpiece.

Our Vintage Style Potmetal Flange is a replica of an original prewar flange. Every detail was scanned, copied and put into the casting or milling process for the building of our flanges. A must for our finer detailed prewar restoration or building projects.

Our Vintage Style 11" Banjo Hoop is a replica of an original prewar Hoop including the alloy used. Our hoops are made in the USA and designed for our prewar banjo restoration or vintage style banjo building projects.

Our Vintage Style Banjo Armrest is plated in either Nickel or Gold over Copper plating. Our Vintage Style Tailpiece is a combination of the finer points taken from the tailpieces found on the original Style 11 and the faithful presto. This is a clean sounding tailpiece that will not bend up changing set up parameters over time. The Vintage Style Tailpiece Brackets are accurate reproductions via metal thickness, hole locations and bending radius. These parts are designed for our detailed prewar restoration or banjo building project.

Our Vintage Style Banjo Hooks are reproductions of the round prewar style hooks. Our 8-26 thread design matches the original 30's thread style. Our hooks are made in Steel or Brass, with either Nickel or Gold over Copper plating. Our Vintage Style Banjo Hook Nuts are reproductions of the prewar style nut, with the same 8-26 thread design to match the original 30's thread style.

The Vintage Style Coordinator Rods are made in Brass or Steel. Our Vintage Style Resonator Angles duplicate the vintage style size and bend radius. The square cut of the Vintage Style Resonator Sidewall Lugs matches the original prewar lugs. These banjo hardware parts are a must for all of our prewar banjo building or restoration projects.

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